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About tackamaps™

There is nothing quite like a tackamap™. In fact, they are so unique they are patented.

Each tackamap™ is created by hand from the finest materials.

We start by creating an accurate and beautiful map surrounded by a border that also serves as the perfect place to stick notes. We then print the image on a heavy weight oxford cloth. The fabric map is then permanently bonded to a layer of real cork and strong backing board. Around this bulletin board map, we build a beautiful, custom frame in a variety of durable, furniture finishes.

The result is our patented tackamap™ - the most attractive, durable, and useful wall map available. We are so certain that you will love your tackamap™ that we back each one with a 30-day, money back guarantee (less shipping and handling)

The first maps created specifically for use with map tacks, tackamaps™ are so unique the have patents pending on them. A tackamap™ is a push pin map without the ugly, gaping holes you see in regular paper maps. They are are also beautifully framed to become a striking focal point of any office or home. A tackamap™ is a push pin map that you will be proud to display and use, for years to come, to chart your travels, mark your sales territories, track your customers, and much more. We invite you to stick it to you map with tackamaps™ - the bulletin board map!

Plus, for a limited time, we will include a free package of Moore multicolored map tacks with every tackamap™ ordered. Other map pin styles and colors are also available for purchase.

Lots of interesting fine print on tackamaps™:

All tackamaps™ are available in three standard sizes. The medium size is pictured. We can also create tackamaps™ in with a special title or your company logo. Please call 407-460-9578 send us a note for more information.

Because of the number of sizes we offer and complicated dimensional shipping charges, we add shipping and handling fees when your order is ready to ship. Just so you know what to expect, here are the worst case scenarios for ground shipping, by size (we shop around for the best price):

under 26 x 26 - $25
from 26 x 26 to 31 x 31 - $35
larger than 31 x 31 - $55
40 x 40 or larger - $95

For 3 -Day select, we will add between $45 and $175.
For 2nd Day Air, we will add between $65and $195.
For Next Day Air, we will add between $85 and $255.

Unlike cheap, laminated push pin maps, tackamaps™ are high-quality printed fabric maps bonded (under heat and pressure) to cork. They are framed in sturdy, furniture finish frames in a selection of finishes . However, if you would like a tackamap™ in some other style frame to match your business theme or home decor, please call 407-460-9578 and we will find a way to make it happen.

Each tackamap™ comes with a 30-day total satisfaction guarantee. Functional and beautiful, tackamaps™ are the finest bulletin board maps in the world. Again, for more information, please call 407-460-9578.

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For more information, please call or 407-460-9578

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